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A special thanks to LUD

19 February 2001
Southern California
Why don't we all thank LUD for having this site for all of us to enjoy for free. I can't even imagine the amount of man hours it takes to make this all happen. The forums being down sure made me appreciate his efforts. Without them was not good. I for one, want to say thanks and kudos to you for doing this for the masses with no personal gain in mind. I don't know you personally, but I consider you a big part of a HUGE family that you created. Sincerely, John Richards
I agree. And while we're at it... let's also thank Lud for the FAQ. The forums are great because we all share them and everyone's contributing to the conversation and keeping it alive. The FAQ are even more attributable to Lud's hard work, since he had to edit and format and post everything there, and he's kept updating it for something like four years now, according to that article in the new NSX Driver. The forums are for fun and enjoyment. The FAQ is for information and learning. BOTH are indispensable. Thanks, Lud!!!
I'm so happy your forum is back on line!! Thanks for all the hard work you've done to keep this site alive. Thanks for all your personal advice when I've had questions about my car and for always being there to answer any and all of my questions and/or requests. I truly appreciate what you have done for all of us in the NSX community and especially the help you've given me when I needed it.

Oh, I almost forgot (thank you FAQ Nazi), if it hadn't been for the FAQs that educated me to the point where I felt sure that what I wanted was a new NSX, I probably wouldn't have bought one. I'm soooo happy with my NSX, thank you Lud for your part in the decision to buy one.
Agreed! Thank you Thank you Thank you

for the past 30 days i've had to hang out in the classic boston whaler forum and, boy howdy, i'd rather be here any day ;>)

thanks for getting us back online, Lud!
Here here... When I think of individuals that have had a tremendously positive impact on the NSX community, Lud is one of the ones that comes right to mind.


-- Chris


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Many thanks, Lud, for all the hard work and great effort bringing this invaluable website to all the NSX enthusiasts. I can safely say that if it weren't for this website and the people participating in the forums I probably would not have bought another NSX. It gives me renewed interest and extreme appreciation for one of the greatest cars available today. Thanks again Lud!

'00 NSX-T, silverstone/blk, #252
Big Thanks Lud,

This forum and teh FAQ are a great contribution to the ownership experience.

I glad to know I'm not the only one addicted to this forum.

H. Gunner
91 NSX Blk/Blk
I've been to too many forums since PRIME went down.... even some girl racer one. sheesh.
I've only been here for a few months, but I've become addicted.
Three Cheers for LUD!
Thanks a million, LUD. I know this is a major labor of love and consumer of time.

When I am asked questions about my car (which happens every time I drive it), I can reply with simple intelligent answers all because of this site, the FAQ, and all of the posters here. This is really a special place.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
Thank you Lud
I too am very greatful

'92 NSX Silver/Black
'93 Prelude Si White
'99 Ford F150 Flareside White
Lud, you are an invaluable asset to our small community. Sincere thanks for keeping a strong affinity for these wonderful machine from Tochigi.
Lud, if you're ever in town, I want to buy you dinner. Thanks so much for the Prime...my life is complete

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

Thanks LUD!!! It was this site that convinced me to buy the NSX versus a F355. And thanks to the FAQ Nazi for keeping us honest.

Hal Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon
95T Blk\Blk SportShift
Very much aprreciated, Lud. This site has given me a great deal of knowledge an reading pleasure (with the exception of a few hostile individuals).

Like you said "sometimes you don't appreciate something until it's gone".

Thanks you for taking the time.