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A Year Away - Can't Wait

28 May 2001
Santa Rosa, CA
Hello, everyone!

Well, after much deliberation, I think that I will be purchasing an NSX next year. It was a close call. My top three choices were:
* 95~97 NSX
* 95~98 Supra TT
* 1986 Testarossa

I anticipate my purchase next year right around this time. The more I think about it, the better I feel.

Here was the basis for my decision:
* I think the Supra gives you incredible power (w/ mods) for the buck, along with excellent reliability and some exclusivity. Those single-turbo monsters with no real engine work on them are just phenomenal. Toyota did an excellent job with them. I do like this car, and will probably end up getting one in a few years¡¦ time.
* I think the Ferrari....well, it's a Ferrari! An incredible value now for what you get at today¡¦s market prices. As a teenager in the 80s, this was my pinnacle "dream car." Reliability good; service costs...well, again, it's a Ferrari, so you know what to expect. 'Nuff said.
* I think the NSX gives exotic looks and incredible reliability as well. Excellent balance, with an understood maturity. I think the overall clientele who own this car are also mature, of which I particularly like. This is a differentiation to me from the Supra body which *appears* to have a larger youth market about it. I wish the Acuras had more power, though. Even with the newer 3.2L engine, Acura really should have upped the ante considering its entry price. The to-be-released model apparently addresses this criticism, but it is more than I am willing to pay. I am not a fan of initial depreciation! While SC'ing the NSX will get decent numbers, I don't expect it to put down monstrous dyno numbers. That is neither my expectation - nor reason - for wanting this car. Finally, the limited production almost ensures an air of exclusivity about it. While you could say this for the Testarossa and later model year Supras, you also enjoy this with the Acura. Particularly in the latter half of this body style with limited production numbers.

Just wanted to say hi to this group. I might show up for the dyno day at the NSXPO in Dallas Saturday to say hi, and check out the various model years in one place. Would love to meet y¡¦all.

(BTW: I am still in love with the Ferrari, and hope to rent one in Europe next year during my honeymoon. Ferrarichat.com has been incredibly supportive of this, and has really come through for me in providing information on my upcoming adventure. The Ferrari crowd and the NSX crowd seem to me to be cross-shoppers. Thoughts?)

Aka Eggman

1994 300ZX TT
Stage VI+ (auto)
338 rwhp - 380 rwt

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Originally posted by Eggman:
I might show up for the dyno day at the NSXPO in Dallas Saturday to say hi, and check out the various model years in one place. Would love to meet y'all.

Please do. In fact, call the Embassy Suites DFW-North @ Outdoor World and book a room or two for the event... mention you are with the NSX club for the discounted rate.

We have 27 cars and 47 people registered so far. Some special treats at this year's NSteXpo:

- Participation in Acura's national conference call outlining the details of the 2003 model line (Friday @ Goodson Acura)

- Complete teardown of a 5 speed transmission (Friday @ Goodson)

- Mark Johnson of Dali Racing will be here for the event with the latest Dali goodies

- Mark Basch of Basch Acura Service will be here with a BaschBoost supercharged car AND... we might have another special groundbreaking surprise from Mark if things work out right.

- Dyno day with all models and forced induction methods represented:

o Normally aspirated 3.0L (with various ECU chips)
o Normally aspirated 3.2L
o Comptech supercharged 3.2L
o Gruppe M supercharged 3.0L
o BaschBoost supercharged 3.0L
o A couple of nitrous oxide equipped cars
o And... possibly a single turbo 3.0L

In addition to all of this, we've got a go-kart racing championship, lunches, dinners, group drives, etc...

If this appeals to people who can't easily get to Dallas next weekend, this is a preview of what's to come at NSXPO2002. We're trying to do it big this year. We threw this together in just a couple of weeks, so think of what we can do for NSXPO in November! We've already got two fantastic tracks booked for three days of track events, as well as plenty of other surprises that we'll reveal as they get finalized.

Here's a link for NSteXpo information:

Hope to see you there!

I used to have a '95 300ZX TT with various Stillen mods as well. Loved the Z car, but always lusted after the NSX. I am now happier than ever.

Get the NSX. You won't be disappointed.
Interesting comment about the Ferrari cross-shopping. I know I hang out over there on Ferrari chat also and I know EXACTLY what you mean with the Testa.

I guess the 80's were our formative years bro, we'll never shake it. Some day I WILL own that damn car even if it kills me!

Then I get my Don J pastel suits, grow some stubble, pick up some Phil Collins tapes and WOO HOOO!!!

The younger guys are probably passing out right about now
Yeah, I suppose I still cling to that TR. I can't help but think of Miami Vice images as well, but I still love the car. And, hey, Miami Vice was pretty cool. Cheesy in some areas, but OK. Now I just have to wait out and bide my time. Anyone else here make up their mind and have to wait a year (or more)?

Oh - By the way, I plan on keeping the 300ZXTT. I love it too much!

1994 300ZX TT
Stage VI+ (auto)
338 rwhp - 380 rwt
I have always loved the testarosssa, but it doesnt compare to the 512TR. I modifications are well worth it. However, I don't like what the did with the F512M. I think it is ugly. One day, I would love to own a 512TR, but right now, I just want the NSX

NetViper -= 100% Stock EBP 2000 Civic Si =- Still looking to get an NSX, but at least I can live life at 8,000 RPM!