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Abnormal Rims Temp.

11 April 2006
Hello everyone, please advice!

Took the NSX out yesterday and thougth I should check the temp. of all the rims. I realized that the rear rims were hotter than the front rims - I have oem 02+ rims. Is this normal? Could the rims crack because of hotter temp.? What could cause the rear rims to be hotter than the front rims?

Thanks for all your inputs and happy motoring,
Are you brakes hanging up or dragging at all?

Check to see if the E-brake is stuck.

Do you have proper tire pressure? Low tire pressure can cause excessive heat.

If you have the Eagle F1 GSD3s you have to stay on top of them because they may look like they have air but they could be low.
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The rear rotors get hotter than the fronts because they get less cooling. On stock brakes, this difference is as much as 100-150F at the track.

I am sure if you drove somewhat spiritedly, some of the heat would have transferred to the wheel but the difference between the front and rear wheels shouldn't be more than about 25F. Wheel temps on street should be close to 125F at the track they can get too 250F easily.
What did you use to measure,and what exact reading did you get? Were on the wheel did you measure?What kind of driving where you doing?Are your brakes stock? more info please:confused:
What did you use to measure,and what exact reading did you get?

I use my tongue. It was hot. :tongue:

BTW: I measure rotor and tire surface temps at the track. Never measured the rim temps, but suffice it to say, the heat from the brake calipers and rotors do heat the rims. I would guess on "normal" driving the rear might get warmer than the front as we do have a 40/60 weight balance and if you are not on them hard like the track, the rear might get slightly warmer than the front. Now on the track you are looking at hot front rotors (480/280). I was at a HPDE where someone had an off into the grass and stopped there to wait for the track to clear before getting back on....dry grass caught on fire from either the hot rotors or cats/exhaust.
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Guys, I jacked the NSX up on the 4 jack stands and didn't see anything unusual that could cause the rear rims to be hotter. I started her up and put her in 1st gear then slowly release the clutch, to my surprised :eek: I heard a sharp snap noise from the right rim then never heard it again. What could it be? Wheel bearing problem? Keeping my fingers crossed and hope nothing major:confused:

Thanks guys for all the previous responsed.