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ABS light on- trouble?


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3 September 2001
1992 NSX shows the ABS light on at all times. What are the possible problems?
Is there a FAQ on this anywhere?
Flippant answer: The possible problem is that something's broken.

There are too many possible problems to bother listing them all. The ABS system is quite complex. Does the light stay on from the moment you start the car (before you drive anywhere)? Have you done any basic troubleshooting such as checking fluid levels? Does the car have any history of ABS problems or the light coming on intermittently before it started coming on all the time?
Had the same problem a while back. Check Engine and TCS light stuck on all the time.

Stopped in to see Shad at Comptech. He ran code check and found code explained mis-fire of cylinders. Only apperared that way...car ran fine.

Shad replaced a little device that sits next to the alternator. Has a din-plug on each side and is held in place by two 10mm bolts (it's black and silver, take a look).

The unit measures resistance at the spark plugs?? Not sure what all it does.

Unit costs ~$500.00.

That fixed the problem.

97-T @ 19K