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abs overflow

26 June 2003
So Cal
I just realize my ABS reservoir had overflow. I have brake fluid on the floor. all the fluid level seem normal with the Master cylinder and abs reservoir. Anyone had this problem? I notice the ABS pump does run a little longer than before?

I didnt over fill the ABS unit. Seems like fluid expanded or sourced from somewhere and caused an overflow.

I did change the master cylinder about 200-400 miles ago and bleeded all the 4 calipers.

any ideas?
Everyone has this problem sooner or later:).

Please do a search on "ABS" in the DIY forum. My apologies, but many of us have written paragraphs on this topic, and I'm not up for writing another one:).

Thanks Larry. I search some more with "Brake Fluid" and found one of your old response.


So basically I need to go and try to lock up my brakes. Thanks.. I will try that.

That is the way that you exercise the system if it is functioning normally, too keep it functioning normally. What you have is a malfuncting solenoid valve, it is seeping, and it has allowed air to be introduced into the system. That is why the fluid has overflowed, it has been aerated. Aerated fluid takes up more space than non-aerated fluid, so it overflows. The pressure in the system is also fluctuating from 2800 to 4800 psi. This air needs to be bleed out before your problems will go away. The seeping solenoid needs to be exercised to the point that it reseals too.