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Advice on buying pre-owned NSX

There is quite a long write up on this subject here: www.NSXPrime.com/toc.htm

-- Chris


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I'll tell you what to watch out for...


With a car like the NSX it's all too easy to get all excited over the first car you see, or the first car you drive, or any specific car.

Read the FAQs, ask a lot of questions. Come back here and ask away. A lot of the basics can be found in the FAQs, but you'll most likely have unanswered questions.

The NSX can be such an emotional purchase, it's easy to get carried away. There are very few amazing, "I must buy this car today" deals out there.

Here's another suggestion.

Go to NSXPO.

I can't think of a better way to get educated, get opinions, get some rides in a variety of cars and have fun at the same time. You might even find a car for sale too. And there would be plenty of qualified people there to look it over for you too.

Personally, I would look for a car that had no modifications and wasn't taken to the track or raced. That's not to say that people who mod or track their cars abuse them, but I would try and find someone who didn't.

I would also have someone with NSXperience look at the car prior to purchase.

I'd also recommend to be flexible with your criteria. You might find a really nice car that just happens to be a different color. I'm not saying to sacrifice and settle for something you're not happy with, just be open to whatever might come along.

Good luck,

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