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Advice on New Purchase

23 April 2005
I am undecided regarding 2 cars in my "local" area. They are both about the same price (+/- $1.5K). Not sure which is the better investment. Both cosmetically great. Both have timing belt and water pump replaced. Details:

1992, low miles (less than 40K), in snap ring range, 97 wheels, car lowered with Eibach springs.

1995, higher mileage (just less than 65K), everthing stock

Any advice for a newcomer would be greatly appreciated.
You'll be gambling with the '92 in the snap ring range. If it's broken or breaks, figure on another at least $1800 worth of repairs. I just gambled with a '92 and lost. If you don't mind gambling, at least inspect the snap ring before you buy the car. It's possible that it's broken , even w/o any symptoms. That was the case with my car. Good luck
If you prefer the ability to remove the roof panel for open-air motoring, get the '95 NSX-T. If you prefer the lighter weight and slightly better rigidity of the NSX Coupe, get the '92.