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AEM High Volume Fuel Rails

5 September 2000
Can you use AEM High Volume Fuel Rails on NSX ??

If yes then they say that each fuel rail includes an additional port for the installation of a nitrous set-up or external fuel pressure gauge. This would be pefrect for wet NOS setup

Is any one running AEM High Volume Fuel Rails on there NSX ??

I have tried to get several companies, including AEM, to make billet rails for the NSX, but have had no success.

I am probably going to buy rail stock and make my own. It's not hard and almost any shop can do it. Also, you can have whatever fittings you want built into them.

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AEM does not make a fuel rail for the NSX, however, they do have a fuel pressure regulator for the NSX.

BTW, the founder of the company owns an NSX.

-- Chris


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