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After the wash ...

2 March 2000
Toronto, Canada
Just testing the upload feature
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After a couple of +/- $200 fines, I put it back on

Psychobiology is correct ... OEM 94+ rims

$250.00! wow.

There are rumors that the front plate may be a requirement again here in Alberta. We haven't had one for over 20 years. I don't really see the point. Do the cops chase people that are backing up? :biggrin:
Not the best idea....

Please loose the plate. The car is just awwsumm. My registration when I was in LA. I hate front plates more than my x or x-n. I bent my front plate and broke the frame around it. I keep it in my dash and say it was.......right...broken by some @#$%^&*()_+. Print a HTML page(cops like color print) with valid online store for nsx that you ordered. No contact info though. Keep going....I survived for ~10years in U.S in nsx. I think you can pull it off in Canada. Need help PM me.

PS: The worst so far.....I am not *that* drunk and this cop who is a #$%^&* pulled me for doing 4mph above limit in TX. I don't think he saw my skin color :)-....still clean!
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