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Aftermarket shift knob

Great choice, I gaurentee you'll love it, it's a minor mod but the shorter throws feel so much better, I was enthused the first time I installed it.
As for installation just unscrew the old one and screw in the new one. You'll have to tighten a twist tie at the top of the leather but everything is straight forward and simple, if you can change batteries in a CD player then this shouldn't be any harder.
Of all the ones I've tried, I really liked the RM one for ease of installation and finish. I have not, however, tried the Gruppe M.

-- Chris


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I have install RAZO 500mg shift knob.
It is much heavy and it helps to get in the gear a little (I think) Here is a shot of it installed http://winreboot2.tripod.com/Images/DSC00287.JPG

I don't know why this link does not work but if you copy it and paste it in a new windows it warks

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Originally posted by ilya:
I have the Gruppe M knob and love it. Took 1 minute to install. It's the same color as the console and blends in perfectly.

Got a link to where to get? Any pics?


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I have GruppeM also.. absolutely love it.. beautiful construction and feel. Blends perfect with the console