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Aftermarket Steering Wheels

19 September 2006
Nashville, TN
I am looking into replacing my crappy stock steering wheel, but I have one dumb question.

How are aftermarket steering wheels measured? Is the diameter the outer diameter of the grips or the inner diameter?

This is a big difference to me as I am trying to choose between 330, 320, and 300mm.

Lots of people looking into steering wheels lately, including myself. I am guessing it is measured at the center of the grip so thickness doesn't affect the diameter.

I think the 320 is the goldilocks of the wheel sizes...just right.:smile:
I don't think one will see/feel any real difference in 320/330mm wheels. At one point I had 5 different wheels at the same time. Since R&R is about 10 minute job, I'd switch wheels every couple of weeks. Now that I'm down to just one, I thinking of getting this. Anyone got one can give some feedback, thank's. BTW it's the 3rd one down: http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99187
I recently bought the Momo Tuner 320mm from evof575 and love it! Perfect size IMO...:smile:

can you measure it for me? I am wondering if it is 320mm in diameter from the outside of the grips, or is it 320mm in diameter from the inside of the grips, or is it from the center of the grips.

Please take a measurement, and let me know.