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Air Bag SRS warning light on

Troubleshooting an SRS issue can be complex. Cheapest and easiest thing to do is to check the SRS fuse and replace it if it's blown. If you're lucky, it won't immediately blow again. It is does blow again, then you'll need to look in the shop manual (should be a link to it in the Wiki) for the next steps which are probably best done by a dealer. Basically they have to get at the SRS computer which is under the ebrake in the center console, and temporarily connect a test cable so they can measure pin voltages .. and then depending on what the voltages are, there's a long troubleshooting flowchart they use to diagnose what the problem might be.

The other thing you might want to do is to check under the carpet in the passenger footwell to see if it's wet. It's not uncommon for the plug in the a/c evaporator (which is under the dash) to plug up and not drain properly and the condensation ends up overflowing down into the passenger footwell and the SRS wiring gets wet and triggers a light. If this is your problem, then you'll need to unplug the drain and dry everything out and hopefully you can get the wiring and connectors dried out enough to not blow the fuse. I got away with this once but not the second time. At that point, the only option is to replace the SRS wiring which would not be a fun job .. which is why my light has been on for the last 2 years.
I had the same issue on my 1991 with 18K miles. OEM steering wheel. No accidents. Don from Hilltop found out that I need a new SRS unit. He swapped it with a good SRS unit and the light went out.