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air filter with CTSC Low Boost--K and N, etc...

15 August 2007
Atlanta Ga
I have read the reviews about intakes and aftermarket air filters and how many feel that its a worthless mod on a NA1 that doesnt benefit enough hp gain to tell a difference. However, will replacing the comptech filter in the OEM Box with a cone apexi (custom fitted) or K and N panel filter benefit a low boost ctsc.....with or without TUNING Agian ????( I know dyno for every change) ...If my AF/Boost Gauge give some crazy reading I will asap

Basically I left my Comptech Foam Filter out and my poodles had a field day on it over night.....Since the K and N cost the same as the Comptech filter I had, I was wondering was it worth the switch .....

Most info is about NA and aftermarket filters.... and not FI and air filter choices

Buy Another Comptech Filter or Try Something new???

saw this thread http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=101261
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I had a K&N cone type filter on my car before, during and after my car had the BBSC.
I thought it was a benefit since it would pull in more air. However, I was just anxious to do a mod and didn't research or think about it logically.
IMHO, using the cone filter does provide 360 degrees of air inlet. However, if it is just directly to the TB then I understand it to be sucking in all engine compartment hot air which is exactly what you DON'T want.
I then went back to the OEM setup for a little while. I then bought a Uni Filter and have been happy with it. Then once I added the Cantrell scoop I could hear a difference. Honestly don't know if I added any illusive HP or not but it gives me the pyschosamatic(sp?) feeling that I did.
I don't know if putting a cone style filter into the OEM style box would be more beneficial than using a OEM filter or a/m type replacement one.
BTW, what, if any kind of side intake do you have? Is it the OEM or a/m of some type?
On the car setup with the CTSC its just stock Air BOX with Comptech Foam Filter.....In NA1 I have it was the weapon r until i realized I was losing power down low and retro fitted a cone in the OEM air BOX.....Regained the power I had down low....OH YEAH it was an automatic...:redface: