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ALB problem

1 June 2005
I have a problem with the ALB. I braked hard before a turn going from 3rd to 2nd at the same time. I released the clutch a little bit too fast and the rear wheels slipped a little bit. Since that I have the folowing problems :

1 time over 10 : I start the car, after ~30 seconds something like a "pump" noise (sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh very fast) comes out of the brake unit under the hood, after ~1 minute the ALB light comes on and the noise disappear.

9 times over 10 : I start the car, after ~30 seconds the same noise appears, after ~1 minute it disappears for ~10 seconds and the reapears, and so on...

Could someone tell me what is the problem ?

I tried to deconnect the battery but this did not help...
Do a search here about ABS. You need to do a flush of the ABS system then "excercise" the system. DO NOT let anyone tell you that a replacement system is required.

The symptom you desribe is an intermittent stuck ABS selonoid.

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Larry is so freekin good at this stuff! get your fluid flushed out and give the brakes some good ALB action, you should be A ok! :smile:
Yeah larry said it first tho :wink: Its a very common issue with honda ALB systems, inside the ALB modulater there are solinoid valves that can leak on occasion then the pump wont be able to pump the system up to pressure then the system will set a "pump overun time" code, then if you activate the solinoids you can get the leaking one to seal, so if you ever hear the pump run its not a bad idea to use the ALB and give it some exersize...JZ