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Albuquerque, El Paso where to TB/WP replace?

Hi, Mark S

All of my experiences at Montano Acura in Albuquerque have been positive.
Jack, the NSX technician, has always done a good job for me, including the TB/WP changes.

Thanks Philippe, I will try Montano. I'm new to the NSX but a 20+ year P car owner and know a bunch of the P car crowd in your area. A lot of them run DE events at the track down here. Mark S
Hi, Mark S

In addition to my NSX, I have an '85 911 Carrera. PMCI does my repair work on the Carrera. They are very good with Porsches just in case you should need them someday.

PMCI, I have known Russ longer than I care to admit :wink:. I just ran into him a month or so ago SCCA race @ Sandia. My 911 P cars are old longhoods, I have a 67S, 69S and a 66 race car at the moment. My NSX is a 2000, manual, silverstone, 44K miles. I must say it's a kick and will be putting it on the track next weekend. First time for car so I will how it REALLY handles, I'm sure it will be an experience after 20 years in P cars! Mark S.
Hi, Mark

We're having our Roadrunner Rally on Aug 23. You're invited! The details are posted in this "Southwest US Region" forum.

Let me know if you can attend.