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alignment questions

22 May 2001
I have a few questions that I didn't get answered in the FAQ,
1. I am changing to larger wheels and tires, does the alignment have to be done with the new wheels and tires, I would rather leave stock ones on so that the new rims won't get scratched.

2. I have lowered my car with H&R springs and I am running 225/35/18 tires in front and 275/30/19 in rear, AVS sport tires. What do you think would be my best settings for the street, I have a 1992 so I know I want a less toe in the front. The FAQ just gives alternative settings using OEM tires at stock ride height.

You still want to shoot for the same settings regardless of the changes you mentioned. You may not be able to get the camber to spec with the H&Rs but get it as close as you can. You need to align it at the ride height you plan to drive it; changes in ride height affect the alignment.
Lud, should I have the alignment done with my new wheels and tires or can I keep my stock ones on so the new ones have no way to get scratched?
I think Lud is trying to say(and correct me if I'm wrong), but you should align your car with the wheels that you're going to use. If you're getting new wheels and tires, and plan to run these more often that the stocks, then getit aligned with them on the car. If you're going to use stocks more, then get it aligned with stocks. You have to get it aligned with whatever wheel/tire you plan on using daily.

In lowering a car just 1.4" in the front and 1.2" inches in the back, say with the Eibach springs, how much of an alignment problem would there be? Would the camber be off?

Ownes - If your aftermarket tires/wheels are the same diameter as OEM, you can align it with either. Otherwise align it with what you are going to drive (It's after 3AM here so forgive me for not doing the math to see how the sizes compare).

Electro - Yes, if you dropped the car 1.2 and 1.4 inches you need to realign it.
Lud, yeah I know a re-alignment needs to be done, but will there be a problem with camber? As in will there be worse tire wear with it lowered?

It was like that with my honda prelude when I lowered it 1.4" in the front and 1.2" in the back.. a camber kit wouldnt even correct it...
With a 1"-1.25" drop you should be able to get close to spec if not all the way there. It's the 1.5"+ drops that start to have real problems with camber. It really depends just how low the car ends up from stock after everything settles (tire/wheel setups can affect height as well).