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Alternate Source for Oil Pan Drain Bolt Crush Washers

21 May 2006
Basking Ridge, NJ
Today I discovered that Pep Boys carries 14mm aluminum crush washers for the oil drain plug. Dorman part # 65282 at $2.99. The package contains 4 washers: two 14mm, one 12mm, and one that looks like about 16mm.

Its always good to have an alternate source, especially when you change oil on a Sunday and discover you really didn't have one new washer left in your parts collection.

'96 NSX-T, red/tan
Advance / Discount Auto Parts carries a four pack of the correct size 14mm aluminum crush washers at $1.98. They're cheaper at Honda I believe, but as you say, when you need them on a Sunday it's nice to know you can get them.
I change my oil often as I track the car... I'm telling you guys the best thing I ever did was get a Fumoto valve. I hook up a rubber hose to the nipple and turn the valve. No mess, no wrenching, no crush washers. It really is a great thing to have.