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Angle of head unit

16 June 2002
I'm looking into getting an aftermarket head unit. The one that I like from Sony says that it is mountable up to a 45 degree angle. I know the OEM one is angled pretty good but don't know exactly what it is.
I realize I could always level out the unit in the dash to reduce the angle but then it wouldn't be coming out of the dash lined up properly with the console. The bottom would be recessed while the top would be protruding, if that makes sense.
Anyway, I didn't know if anybody had ever measured it or not.
Is this what you want to do?

That install looks really nice!
I don't think you'll have any issue with installing the Sony at the stock angle from an operational perspective. From a rough measurement it looks to be right at ~ 45 deg.
Malibu Rapper said:
Is this what you want to do?


That looks awesome, but very labor intensive. Besides, it won't be able to be done with the center console I'm getting. :frown: That is the idea though for sure.
I thought it to be a little strange that Sony is the only manufacturer that makes mention of the angle anyway. I wonder why.
I guess if I buy it(Crutchfield) and it doesn't work, I can always send back and get a different brand. Just kinda like to know before I go thru the hassle of buying, installing and hoping that it works.
92NSX said:
Well since mine will be CF I don't think I will be able to do it that way.

If you were going with a CF center console for weight savings, then I assume you would delete the radio as well, so since it looks like you just want the CF look, here's an option. Do whatever bodywork needs to be done to get the radio where you want it, and then find a vendor for liquid transfer graphics and have them give the modified console a CF finish.
I am getting the CF one for the look of it only, I'm not looking for the weight saving aspect of it.
I'm hoping to be alright with the angle thing, if not then I'll deal with it then.