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Another MP-Targa from Europe

12 November 2020
Central Switzerland
Hello NSX-folks,

after a 2 year search, I managed to get my first NSX.

What I didnt want was a red NSX from the early days. I wanted a bit more "function", so it should be a Targa. I already got some "fixed roof" Hondas in my garage. So, no need for that ;)
What I also didnt want was an automatic NSX, for obvious reasons. :)
When I found out, they also came with power steering, I thought that might be also a good idea. :rolleyes:
And, finally, there where not many options regarding "price and history". All NSX I had a look at, had a bad maintenance history. 6-12 year old, were badly repainted, got old belts, >10 year old tires and some of them had also a "turned back" odometer.

She was the first one to look at and after 2 years I managed to get her from the owner ........ aaaand here she is.

She got a set of 17/18 OZ Futura and a "custom build" exhaust. The rest is stock. :) Also included were a set of OEM 16/17 with factory tires and a few spare parts from a spare/battle NSX of the same type, which overfilled my basement compartment.

For christmas I already got her a set of new rims + tires and some V3 coil overs. :)

Sunshine regards,

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Thanks for the welcome. :)

I made this topic, let me think, 3 weeks ago or so ... now its finaly visible.. how`s that?

The car itself is now about to be finished with the full-on-maintenance-work by the most knowledged NSX-guy I know. Turns out, the car might not be that bad enginewise.
I guess I pick her up in April or May, will then register and test it (MFK/MOT/TUV) by the authorities. This might get a very exiting time :D

Wheels gonna be some Work 18x7.5 +40 and 19x9.5 +45 with 215 and 255 tires. And as I read in the "wheel fitment"-topics in here, it should fit without scratching on full lock .... we will see. =)
nice looking car...welcome
Hi Gordon,

Good find. I saw this NSX on the local classifieds. Where do you live in Switzerland ? I am near Payerne. Hope to see you on the road this summer.
Hi Gordon,

Good find. I saw this NSX on the local classifieds. Where do you live in Switzerland ? I am near Payerne. Hope to see you on the road this summer.

Hey asylum,

thank you. I`m currently living near Baden AG, but leaving my belovered AG and moving just behind the border to LU near Sempach.

Yeah, I hope we could gather a yearly meeting .... there seme to be more than just to of us in CH :) Is there already a NSX-group somehow on here?

Congratulations, beautiful color!

what are your “fixed roof” Honda’s?
Thank you :)

At the moment I got a Jazz/Fit, Civic EK and an DC2R.

Wow nice! Where did you found it? It was not listed on autoscout/tutti/anibis...! Best Regards from Basel!

I already postet something in your intro-topic, but it won`t just show up?! :/
Anyway ... it was listed two years ago in eastern CH. After almost one year of constant nagging, it got handed over to me. I drove it on the same day to the maintenance garage, left it there and took a 10h train journey back home.
So basically; I had seen the car 3 times, test-drove it like 35km on the second visit and went on a 600km trip to leave it in the garage on the 3rd. :smug:

@all the others: Thank you for your warm welcome :)