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Antenna Options

2 December 2003
San Francisco
Is the S2000 antenna the only antenna anyone has tried as a replacement of the NSX skyscraper?

Has anyone tried adapting a 03 SL500 antenna? :smile:
I added a few pics of mine in my Gallery.
It is usually in the trunk because of the car cover and I really don't listen to the radio very much.
The last owner installed a short, fixed BMW antenna. I guess there are other options besides the s2000 version.
I shaved mine. I just couldn't take it... it made me want to puke everytime it came up I ended up disconnecting it but that wasn't enough. Even when it was down, I couldn't stand it so I shaved it.

Yes, I hated it enough to shave it completely. It required the removal and repainting of the Qpanel but for me, it was worth it!

I plan to purchase the 04 TL antenna applifier module for my rear hatch antenna. Even without it, the radio performs fine and I listen to CD 99% of the time anyway.

I hate that antenna, I bought the smartenna for mine...
RueMasterLa said:
Has anyone tried this antenna?

No...1st time I've seen that. How much, from where, and do you have a website or comparo info for us to look at?