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Anti-Sway Bars (IYHO)

16 January 2001
Miami, FL. US
I am looking to get Sway bars for my '91 NSX. What experience do you guys have with 'em. Dali/RM racing or comptech?. I don't care about ride quality; I am more concerned with performance. What do you guys suggest?


I have the Dali "street" bars on my car. I am really happy with the quality of Mark J's products. If you are not concerned about the ride I would definately recommend his "race" bars. In fact I am thinking of updating mine, since I still have a little more body roll then I would like. Even the "race" bars will not change the ride quality that much.

I am very happy with my (anti-) sway bars. The brand does not matter a lot, as they are all quality units. Get a feel for how much stiffer you want to go and pick a set in that range. Also, be sure you get adjustable ones, so that you can dial them in. If you do not know how to do that, just consult any basic suspension book.
Thanx David/Larry,

So Dali is in the lead for (anti) sway bars. I think most people just call 'em sway bars; its an excepted axiom that they are really Anti-sway bars. In any case, I would like some input from those of you who have the RM racing sway bars and I suppose the comptech sway bars. I don't mean to sound biased against comptech, but I have heard some bad things about them. And most of their products in general. But I got my eye on Dali.

Thanx guys