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Any Bay Area locals?

10 April 2023
Hello Bay Area NSXers!

I may be in the market for a NSX soon but I don’t currently own one. I’m wondering if any locals would be willing to meet up to chat and show their car? Coffee on me of course :)

Thanks in advance.

Edit: or if there are any local meetups I can crash, please let me know.
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What general area are you looking to be in? This group pretty much covers an area from Napa to Gilroy, and the Monterey to Pleasanton.
My 91 with under 45K, fresh Potenza's on perfect fat 5s, as well as I have some awesome OZ 18/17 that I would consider adding in for a reasonable rate my be for sale soon. People here and on FB know me. FB is over-rated - trust me Norcal folks don't participate that much so I just deleted my FB account. I may be moving to Japan. I was about to have it color corrected and ceramic coated in Santa Cruz. It's Berlina Black/Black 5 spd. . Everything works and it's been maintained only by Acura dealer with master tech or my own master NSX tech who retired from bay area dealership but still does any "non lift" work. Exceptio is tires and wheels and I have pix of both sets being mounted, etc from local reputable shop. Timing belt and other work totalling $12K at Acura in SoCal was done about 500 miles before I bought it a few years ago with just under 34K. Not in snap ring range. I have a few new parts coming including 2 brand front spoilers (lower lip below bumper - replaceable and always gets scuffed as it's made to - but getting harder to source. a few oil and air filters, and some misc. Also, 2 OEW center caps just to be safe since they can get scuffed and are getting hard or $$$ to find. Just try to find some REAL replacement OEM mats are $500 and I'll only buy those if I go the BaT route. It has some knock of NSX-R mats - if you are gonna drive it and not show it off 100% - you'd be wise to save the $500, but the real mats are VERY nice - just not worth that much if you're a driver. . Replaced the glass with $2600 REAL Honda windshield since Acura is OUT of these. Thats not including the moldings and labor. Have all receipts. I could put it on BaT, but since I'm sure you know what these are worth, post an email or something here soon since I leave for Japan this coming week and it could be a while before I'm back. I don't really want to sell since I loved my 92 GPW and swore if I ever got another I'd drive it until it or I died, but if I move to Japan, exporting mine to Japan makes no sense since I can just find a RHD and learn to drive a stick with my left hand if I go that route again. Since you are new, you can't message and I can't message you it appear. Good luck. I'd rather sell to someone like you or another NSXprime.com instead of these idiots that don't even know what they are talking about (mostly) on FB groups that are NOT for owners (there are a bunch, but don't try to fake your way into an owner's group - we are small enough to know you don't have one yet. Good luck. I will likely be back before June and go to Laguna Seca C&C and track events, as well as other C&C now and then. There are only 3 of us in Monterey area that are at all active, but I see lurkers around since I was and kind of am one. Would rather drive than just C&C and stare at em, put em back in the garage, lather, rinse, repeat - it's a CAR - needs driving! I welcome any thoughtful replies. Just don't reply "I'm interested - how much". If you're ready to buy you know I have to post the price here before I sell and it won't be 60K, so if you want one that cheap - you need to shoot for 125K or more miles. Just saw one on BaT as good reference that sold the other day around 60 with 150K miles - red and very clean. Peace. end of rant, edu-ma-cation session.
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a few pix if you don't know my car - Fat 5s going on the other day with brand new tires too: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VTfQAJ4ru3shexwv8
A nice drive: got some bugs on it that day though - https://photos.app.goo.gl/EVj5mk4vhp1fLoPG8
So this is 3rd set of wheels in just over 10K miles. I sold the 7 blades the other guy sold it to me had on it.