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Any electrical/electronic gurus up tonight?

7 June 2002
In The Middle
I am having some issues with my ignition coils and I would like to talk to someone. I am supposed to be on the track in roughly 7 hours and The car is giving me a hard time about it.
I really don't want to go back and forth over prime.

Zublin are you out there?
Factor X Motorsports said:

I will be up for a few more hours. Not sure if I can help but you never know.


Awesome Mikey and others that helped. I was up until 4am with a friend, simply had to give up. It has been narrowed down to an ignition/fuel problem. :frown:
I will just spectate at the track this weekend. No one's fault just bad gadgets. Plan to be up and going soon.

Thanks again all. You know who you are.
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Sucks to see this Len - I was going to drive down to Gateway just to see/hear your Turbo monster tear up the track.

Wish I could have helped somehow. Let me know PM if you need anything.