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Any Engine Failures With Comptech Superchargers?

17 October 2000
Newport Beach, CA, USA
Hi all

Very nice board you have ... civilized discourse about a magnificent automobile, the NSX.

Here's a question from an S2000 owner -Comptech is almost ready to offer a supercharger for the S2000. They've told us they sold 150 superchargers for NSXs and that no engine failures have been attributed to the superchargers.

Those of us with S2000s who are thinking about the Comptech supercharger are curious about your experiences with Comptech, its superchargers, whether there have been engine failures that owners attributed to the CT supercharger, and CT's responsiveness to warranty claims regarding superchargers.

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.

While I don't have a CT supercharger<yet>, I do have a whole laundry list of their parts on my NSX with NO problems whatsoever. I do know a couple of people who have superchargers, one with 25,000plus miles and NO engine troubles at all. These cars are incredibly fast and the sound of that supercharger is awesome. An S2000 would be a great car to set up like that...certainly a fun ride! Comptech has a solid reputation for standing behind their products. They are definitely pricey to say the least...but at least you get what you pay for. Best of luck.
I don't have either NSX or Supercharger yet...but I read a site frequently where the author has both and RACES his car very hard...

You can read about the different things he goes through and maybe get some insight as to how the supercharger from Comptech will hold up. From what I gather...it holds up very well under RACE Conditions...so I imagine that street use would be a no brainer.

Anyway, I hope this helps...

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?
I believe them (Comptech) when they claim zero engine failures. I drove my car VERY hard with the blower set at 9 psi and had no problems except a single brocken belt at about 18K miles. By the way, that is a minor problem and the car was still drivable.

I know they had one blower with a problem (very rare with a Whipple unit) in an ealy unit, but according to a post by the owner, they replaced it quickly and with no hassles.

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My friend has just installed one. It pulls harder than a Viper. (He beat one in ten runs again and again.) The only downside is that the engine idles a little rough at 1000rpm and the the blower muffles the engine's famous F1-like growl under acceleration. However, it is replaced with a cool supercharger whistle if you like that. But no problems otherwise.