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Any interest in a karting/bowling/racing sim outing?

28 March 2002
I have been going to Grand Prix NY since it opened and they continually expand to add new activities. They now have bowling and IRacing simulators in addition to karting with 6.5 hp Sodi Karts speeding along at 45 mph. Here is a link to their facility in Westchester:


I was wondering if there was any interest in getting together to do some racing and perhaps some bowling and even iRacing. Cost would be dependent upon headcount and how much we would want to include. We have already had several of us do the racing and I know there is at least one other bowler amongst us so speak up and after getting an idea on the interest I will try to work out pricing and potential dates.
Sounds like a great idea. The only hard part will be finding a convenient time for everybody.
Sounds like a great idea. The only hard part will be finding a convenient time for everybody.

Just like any river run, poker rally or a simple drive it is impossible to work out scheduling issues so I figured I would see If there is any "group interest" before trying to work out a date. If its just a handful of us we can just show up but obviously larger groups need planning. If nothing else I know I can count on the hardcore bowlers to sign up :wink:
Looks like a great place. I'm interested.
Sounds like a lot of fun Bob. I would be interested sometime later in the summer if this comes about. Don't know when I can start lifting things like a bowling ball following this stupid surgery. Hard enough getting in and out of all these performance cars at the moment. Also, I want to be able to laugh and that's what hurts the most. :biggrin: :biggrin: "OUCH!!

Nice idea. Hope it draws some interest. :wink:
I am interested, though I am not much of a bowler :biggrin:

i see no reason you cant count me in if my schedule allows
Bowling is the great equalizer. Generally most people suck at it so it becomes a lot of fun. Also, the facility has all of the above activities but there is no need to do all. Some may just want to race and some may just want to bowl. It is my home away from home so we can craft someting that would suit all interested persons. There would be no need to do everything if you are not interested in all of it. Spectators allowed too (hint, hint, Rich....)
I have been there and it is a lot of fun, especially the carting. I am healing right now myself, wrist and broken ribs, but should be good to go in a couple of weeks, maybe 3 weeks, see y'all soon.

Generally weekends get fairly busy so would people prefer a sunday morning outing or is saturday time preferable to everyone.
I am open to either, just not too early in the morning. I drive a truck at night on the weekends
Same here, open to either morning. Thanks for the non-participant invite. I can hold all the cameras so they don't get destroyed!! :eek:
I'm with Keith on this, with barbells I can knock them all down!!!
Although I'm from eastern Massachusetts which is kind of far away, this place sounds awesome enough that I wouldn't mind a 3 hours+ drive to participate. If the date and schedule you guys choose works for me, I'll let you know if I plan to meet up with you guys or not. Hopefully on a nice day too because it would be awesome to all show up in our NSX. :)
Tuesday night is my bowling league there and we play the team that has the competition coordinator for gpny so I will have him start to look at putting something together for us.

Considering how often I go I would like to think they would rope off parking for us so everyone could take the NSX. I know every time I go in mine they still come out to take a look at it.
Anytime is good for me.

In order to allow "healing time" as well as avoid conflicts with the Michelle Offsie Memorial Walk on June 3rd and River Run on June 23rd, we are looking at July dates and I am checking the availability of July 8 with GPNY.

They are requesting that we start "early" since we want a weekend date and 11:00 was recommended.

Preliminary pricing:

$80 per head for two races plus lunch (also includes the daily license for those of you who are not members)

$10-12 per head for bowling including shoe rental

I am trying to price out adding a third race. However, we can always do that "a la carte" the day of for those looking to do more karting.