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Any interest in have a mod day ?

12 December 2012
Acworth GA
I've done this before with other car clubs I had been a member of and it was always pretty fun and productive.
Thought I would see if there was interest in putting a mod day together,we all have that part that's been sitting in the garage and you just haven't been motivated to install it right ?
Beer and BBQ at the same time. If we can get 4-5 cars I think it would be worth while. Location can be discussed, I have a 3 car garage, but parking is limited after that...?

Sounds fun, I only have wheels and spacers sitting in the garage ready to bolt on but I'd be glad to run the grill or hand a wrench to someone.
so 3 of us so far, I have new steering wheel to put in. Ideas on location ?

Location... Alex, are you down with this at your palace... Oops I mean place? :smile:

Actually we need to be at a very knowledgeable persons place who has every tool... If it's open to the most votes, I vote Eiffel's Place :wink:
I have to take apart the Murcielago this weekend. I have to remove the tail lights, wheels, and brake calipers.
I can be there on Saturday for part of the day. I'll bring my own hammer and pliers too.

You will need to send a picture to Mike Meadows of you car on jackstands