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Any known history of JH4NA1157MT002639 and Suggestions for a Mobile Inspector in LA?

[MENTION=25247]MexiRicer[/MENTION] unfortunately the seller has not been responding to me so the car may have sold... Link is here though https://www.facebook.com/marketplac...ghtspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner
[MENTION=30626]Hass[/MENTION] I would be more than willing to fly out to see a potential NSX but I would need to at least understand the condition it's in first. Sure to some people it may be a few hour plane ride there and back and a few hundred dollars but I wouldn't bother using my time unless the car checks out typically via an inspection. I would fly out to see the car myself if I was happy with the inspection report to do the final deal and payment but if I tried to physically check out every NSX I was interested in, I would probably have used a good chunk of money so far haha
That link has enough photos and information to move forward with an in person inspection. Cars like the NSX doesn’t sit around for sale too long, no disrespect but slow response is contributing to lost opportunities.