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Any New York City NSXers out there?

There's a couple of us. I'm in lower Manhattan (near Ground Zero). I'm tempted to take the NSX out of the garage with this spring weather.
Glad to hear from fellow NYC.
Seems like I'm the only crazy out on SI with
an NSX and a 3rd Gen. RX7. I just moved down to NYC from Vermont. I have to find NYC insurance. Any suggestions?
Re: Insurance in NY. I don't think there's anything special about insuring the NSX in New York City. I use Allstate, but that's just because I had them on my other car. NSX w/lojack in an attended garage, <7500m/year, good driver, multi-car discount, etc. ~$1,850 per year.
There are more of us in the NYC area than I realized. I'd love to set up a meeting place for us in the early spring in Staten Island or any convenient locale. Thanks for insurance info. Keep in touch everyone.
I'm from Staten Island and still visit often.
If you NY guys would like to organize an event or a get together you may want to contact: Pete Mills (Bedford Hills, NY) the NorthEast NSXCA Rep.
I am sure he could help.
Snowing outside in Cow Hampshire. The NSX won't be going anywhere for awhile! Seven weeks until spring!
Cheers Rich

Live Free or Die

Flushing, Lower Manhattan , et al... I like the idea of getting together for that March 30th event. Can we set up a meeting date before hand? A central location? Let me know.

Queens Center?
Is that off Woodhaven and Queens Blvd.?
Let's see if anyone else is interested.
Maybe the guys from Manhattan?
Keep in touch. Sounds good. Which NSX are you driving?
Whats up guys,

I am from NJ, but depending on where you guys are going to meet, I will meet up with everyone. Just let me know.


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Ken Ichikawa
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I'm in NJ too, maybe we can all meet. I own silver and I see a red NSX in Linden/Newark area.
Is it any of you guys?
Yo I'm from S.I. too. I'm in Tottenville.
Havent seen you around. What color and year do you have? I have a Blk/95
I don't think there are many on the island.I sometimes see a red one around.
Paul M