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Anybody have a stock ECU?

26 September 2000
Portland, OR
I need one. Email me at [email protected]. Be sure to indicate a price.

Red/Red '91. Comptech Supercharger. RM headers. Comptech exhaust. Short ratio gears. Ring and Pinion swap. RM racing suspension. 18/17 wheels/tires.
What makes you think you need a new ECU? I would not expect this to fail.

It looks like it would be cheaper to get a dali chip vs stock.
You might give Comptech a call. They swap out so many ECUs that they may have a used one sitting around somewhere. If that doesn't work, try pulling one off a wreck. Salvage yards are all on a big computer network now, so if you go to one, they can track it down for you.
You may want to check with Mark Johnson of Dali Racing. I know he has "stock" chips available that you can swap out yourself at home. I run a Dinan chip as well and have asked Mark about this in the past. Back in the Spring there was a shortage of chips due to a fire but that situation may have sorted itself out by now. I think he only wanted $5 plus shipping for a stock chip...VERY reasonable...but then again, that's Mark! The one catch is whether or not you have a "ZIF" socket installed in your ECU. This is a soldered socket that is installed on the board inside your ECU case. It enables you to easily and safely swap chips on your board. If you attempt to do the swap without this socket you will need to be incredibly careful not to bend any of the prongs on your chip. Radio Shack has a tool for about $15 that is designed to help you remove a chip from the board without any damage. A very wise investment. You can send your ECU to Dali and they will install a ZIF socket for you...I think this runs about $50. If you're not in a big hurry this may be the safer and more sensible route. Best of luck to you.