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ANybody in Newport News, VA? Test drive for me

13 April 2004
Santa Monica, Long Beach

I found my car, sent out the money. Would someone be able to check out the car for me? Just a test drive. Thank you so much in advance. :biggrin: I know it seem backwards, but the photos and details I had with the owner made me comfortable. I just want a second opinion.


Click Here to View Car

Thank you.


I don't know about driving it, but I could look it over for you. I don't own an NSX myself but if you'd like for me to look at anything specific I could do that.

I've seen that car around a couple of times and it definitely looks nice :)
if you want me to roll out that way I will also..

I'm calling him as soon as my camera's batteries are charged up. I've already got the checklist printed out.

Xavier, is there anything else specific (not included in the checklist) I should look for?
dave22 said:
... Xavier, is there anything else ...

Its Vizal :biggrin:

Just the TB and overall condition, like the seats, window- does it go up and down like normal? The front window mold on top of the glass- Is it bumpy? The door speakers- Is it working like it should? The Climate Control noise - Does it make the loud fan noise?

Thanks Dave.
if you get a chance to drive it or make arrangements for another meet I can do a compression check.