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Anybody used cordless impact drivers to work on your NSX?


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23 April 2003
Ok, so I am thinking about getting a cordless impact driver. I still plan on hand torquing things when I fasten them, but to loosen them this seems ideal. The model I am looking at (DeWalt DW-051k-2) has max torque of 100ft-lbs and a 3/8" drive. Here is what I want to know from the peanut gallery:

- is this going to work with my existing craftsman socket set (w/o breaking it).
- am I going to wish later that I got a higher torque rating at the expense of a higher dollar unit and more weight.
- anyone tried this, what else am I missing?
Alot of techs have been using Makita 6907D 3/8 in cordless impact. It is very light and more than strong enough to work under the hood or dash. It retails for around $180-$200. I have use one for many years, had to replace it due to employee carelessness( left it in a cust. car). The DeWalt may be stronger but also heavier.
I own a snap on 3/8 and a snap on 1/2 inch.. they are the bomb.. who needs air compressors at home with those tools around :)

If you're concerned with torque, get some of those torque sticks from snap on as well. They're all color coded for the proper amount of torque :)
The other question I would ask would be how long the battery would last. Sounds handy, though. Let us know how you like it if you get one.
I ended up getting this 14.4V impact and this 18V impact, but mostly becuase I got a *killer* deal on them. I am very familiar with and get a discount on the yellow stuff, so take the branded part of my advice with a grain of salt. Personally, I would have gotten this 12V one with quickchange orthis 12V one with a 3/8" direct drive (more torque in same package) if I were paying anywhere close to a fair price.

Without my discount, I think the Makita combos on Amazon (14.4V here or 12V here ) offer a very good value.
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