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Anyone ever been soaring before?


4 June 2004
Kansas City
I guess I'm going next week over the mountains in the northeast.... not sure what to expect. Looks awesome, but I'm a little nervous flying normally, so this may freak me out a bit.




I did it once and it was a lot of fun, we flew out over Lake Michigan by Frankfort. It was very cool and since I was a student pilot at the time they let me fly everything but the landing. It was very quiet with just a little wind noise, the views were incredible and the whole experience was great but went very fast.
I'm excited but nervous at the same time.

Hopefully I can get some good pics or video.
I believe Ken (Nsxtacy) is a glider pilot. I recall him mentioning it when we saw some gliders during the country drive around Lake Chataqua NY a few years back.

Never been myself- but it sure looks cool.

I did it before in Scotland UK, serenity of flying without any 'engine' noise- peaceful and quite sure you'll enjoy it.
Depend on the 'up-draft' of the day you'll be doing lots of turns to get the glider spiralling upwards, enjoy.

i've soloed gliders and **highly recommend** taking 1, if not more, sailplane flights. once you get comfortable with the various elements of soaring (for some, they're non-issues; for others, they're more :redface: there's nothing quite like it.

have fun, tell us how it went - and post some pics if you take them.
Wow. The pictures are amazing! I'm a student pilot here at Long Beach Airport and it's just amazing to see life happening in a different view- it's a very inspirational and empowering experience.