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anyone ever get their car featured in a mag.?

26 September 2000
I'd like to know if anyone on this board has ever had their car(s) featured in any magazine(s)?

My car is in most of the 'Drag Wars' ads. Also, there are two magazines that are interested in doing a feature on it when the new motor is in (late Jan/early Feb.). If I do well at the Feb. Drags Wars in Houston, a feature article is pretty much a done deal.
Wide body, custom wheels, big tires (335s in back), Dali dual hood scoop, custom ball-bearing turbo (16 psi), decked motor, forged pistons, Motec engine management system, Brembo brakes, Koni shocks, threaded spring perches, custom springs, short gears, 4.55:1 ring & pinion, custom Kevlar dual disck clutch, aluminum flywheel, sway bars, polished heads, cams, extrude honed intake, headers, etc., etc., etc. plus lots of engine dress-up stuff.
I can't believe you didn't mention the most important mod: the NSX valve stem covers.

Holy crap David. Where have you been hiding this monster? I had to stop and take a breath just reading your mod list; not to mention having to pick myself up off the floor after I fell out of my office chair. Do you have any photos you could post or are there any articles/links where we could see more of your BEAST?
In addition to Chris's comments, has your animal been dynoed pushing the 16psi turbo? Damn, it might be faster than my V6 Camaro! Just kidding everyone, thought we needed a laugh...I would never own a camaro. Anyway, would love to hear your experience with that monster turbo and the all important decked motor with forged pistons.
The motor is out right now getting some minor work done, but should be back in the car by the end of next week. The final plumbing/tuning on the turbo will be about a week after that and I will have accurate dyno results then, as we need a full day (at least) on the dyno to tune the Motec. Up to now, we have not pushed the motor at all, so I don't really know what the full potential is. My goal is to own the baddest Honda on the planet.

I have mentioned this in previous posts, but the car is in Bob Norwood's shop in Dallas. He does a LOT of custom Ferrari stuff and gets a kick out of the fact that people will walk right by his customer's F-40s, F-50s & TRs to stare at my Honda.

I plan to run the car in the Feb. Drag Wars, so anyone in Houston is welcome to stop by and check it out at that event.
Hey David,
Ill be at the Drag Wars, I live in Houston..so I look forward to seeing your NSX! Hopefully Ill have my car there.
Originally posted by NSX FoYoAss:
Hey David,
Ill be at the Drag Wars, I live in Houston..so I look forward to seeing your NSX! Hopefully Ill have my car there.

When is the drag war?
The Drag Wars are gonna be in Feb., but Im not sure of the exact date! My friend's racing his CRX for the first time, so Ill be there for sure, Ive seen the car threw it all! Its suppose to run low 9's! But we'll see at the Drag Wars!!
Here are a couple of photos of my car in the shop. Should have the motor back in by the end of the week (I hope, I hope, I hope).

Scott Juarez at nexttestdrive.net was kind enough to send me a couple of digital pix.

If enough people are interested, we should get together to have a strong NSX showing at the Houston Drag Wars on Feb. 27. If you are interested in seeing what kind of 1/4 mile you can run, you should know this is one of the fastest tracks in the country.
Nice looking car. When the engine gets put back in please post some pictures, I'd sure like to see it in it's complete state.

What color is your car? It looks silver but I just want to make sure. Is your hood color a little off or is it the lighting?
Awesome car!!! Your list of mods is amazing! I've always felt my 94 NSX to be under powered. However, with 16 pounds of boost, you surely have taken care of that problem.

I wish Texas was closer to Florida, so I could watch you run that beast down the track! What ET's are you shooting for? Have you run the car before? If so, what was your best time? Good luck next month, and post more pics when you can.

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It is the factory silver color. The hood matches the car perfectly in real life, but shows up a slightly different tint in photos some times. Not sure why. Mabe because it was painted later and the clearcoat has a different reflective quality. Perhaps polarization makes it show up like that. Who knows?

I hope to get the car into the low 11s, perhaps the high tens. The biggest obsticle is the suspension. Not exactly designed for the drag strip.