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Anyone from PA?

26 April 2008
Hello, I just sign up for the forum and wanted to know if anyone is from PA. Also anyone near here, please post pics of your NSX.

what exit??:smile:
pennsy is kinda big.....

welcome to heaven.
There is a black one in or around Manheim Auto Auction. I see it all the time when I go there. Its a blk/blk 91-94? pop ups w/o the targa.
I see a black one in Hershey too but not sure what year it is.
Hey TJ,

I noticed your Robbie Nash Avatar. Nice! Gotta come down to the NYC area and sail. Obviously sans NSX, unless you got a rack for it:biggrin:. Welcome to coming closer to the coast, you were from the Midwest area before, if I remember right. A little further East and you can hit the swells of the Atlantic.

If your in the area in the future give me a PM...

Just bumping this to maybe reach a few more Pittsburgh / western PA owners. Am assembling an email list of locallers to keep in touch. There seems to have been a small blip lately of new local owners so it could also be good to become connected for local service/repair referrals.

FYI: there's an ongoing discussion here about meeting this Saturday morning at a cars & coffee near Cranberry. Will be my first visit to one and am looking fwd to meeting various local NSX and other funcar owners. Also there's discussion about potential PVGP meetups next week.


PM me your email if interested in keeping in touch at times outside of nsxprime !

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