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Anyone from Sarasota FL?

21 September 2002
Mid Central, USA
want to ask a favor if any Prime Members live near Auto Marques inc
4061 S Tamiami Tr

Looking at a 01 BMW 740iL Sport that is for sale. would like to find out if it is solid and worth bargaining for.

2nd home for me since 1975.
will be there 8.19, & can check
it out if bodypainter has'nt.
thank you both, really appreciate taking the time.

Okay, I have driven by that address 3 times now and if there's a car lot at that address then I'm a monkey's uncle. It's pretty tightly packed with restaurants, furniture stores, and so on, but no car lot. Sorry.
Yeah the only place near there that deals with cars is a high end auto rental place, which may be it. It's on the East side just south of Bee Ridge.

Only car place I know of around there. This probably is the place which may be selling a rental.

found da joint........ :frown:
i don't think i would buy a pound of shrimp,
let alone a bimmer from this operation.

sorry, no car in sight......

now paradigm up the road had two vey nice lotii !!!!!! :biggrin:


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tre's sexxxxy, oui ??!!!!!!!!

hope this helps.... :wink:


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