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Anyone going to this?

25 March 2005
Randolph NJ
I was just wondering if anyone was goign to go to the Honda/Acura Show in Englishtown NJ on the 13...this saturday...I would make it but it is my mother's/sisters birthday party, and thats very rude to leave...but i was just checking to see if you guys feel as if you can be in oh how do I say it..RICE crowd or do you feel as if your NSX's are just to much for the young boys and girls over there?
I'll need to find my "rice rocket" license plate holder first :biggrin:


On August 13, 2005, history will be made. Raceway Park will be hosting its 3rd Annual Honda Day brought to you by Ryan’s Automotive Open Road Honda and Open Road Acura. This event is slated to be the largest HONDA / ACURA event of the year. With plenty of activities for all that love the import car lifestyle. From drag racing to auto-x to car shows, live DJs and featuring the BFGoodrich Tires Super Challenge, what more can Honda and Acura fanatic want?

The event is Presented by UrbanRacer.com, Honda-Tech.com, and ClubRSX.com; and Sponsored by Hasport.com, FastBrakes.com, DriveShaftShop.com, Z10eng.com, Genesis-Performance.com, AEM.com, DCSports.com, A1 Custom Wheels, HeadGames Motorworks, BFGoodrichTires.com, ViggDesigns.com, DRT, and Car Trek Auto Body. Don’t forget to stop by the Vendors Midway to get the most up-to-date products!

Honda and Acura enthusiasts from all over the Nation are expected to attend the Honda and Acura Lifestyle Event of the Year. Mark your calendars because this is an event that should not be missed. Don’t miss your chance to WIN a RAFFLE for a FREE HONDA CIVIC with thousands of $$$ worth of parts. Your admission ticket gives the bearer of the ticket the chance to win.

Lots of Trophies, Cash and Prizes will be awarded to all event winners. If you own a Honda or Acura you will have a class to compete in whether you like to Show, Drag Race, Auto-X or do both at The BFGoodrich Tires Super Challenge.


Admission Costs:
$15.00 – Spectator

$25.00 – Car Show
$25.00 – Drag Racing Tech Card
$25.00 – Auto-X
**$40.00 – Drag Race & Autocross

Drag Racing Info:

2 Bracket Classes:
*B1 - 15.00 & Slower
*B2 - 14.99 & Quicker

2 Heads Up Classes:
*All Motor Class - All cars in All Motor must meet noise and safety regulations. Transplants, slicks, lexan, and fiberglass allowed.
*Power Adder Class - All cars in Power Adder must meet noise and safety regulations. Slicks, lexan, and fiberglass allowed.

Trophies and prizes awarded to Winner and Runner-up in each of the drag racing classes. For 2005 Englishtown is doing their best to increase the prize payouts and prizes.

*All cars must be street muffled. (All cars must meet noise regulations for Saturday Street muffled racing. For more information go to http://www.racewaypark.com)

Open to all Honda and Acura automobiles. Trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

The Super Challenge will consist of 3 time trials at the quarter mile drag strip and 3 time runs at the autocross course. The combination of the two events will determine the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishers. Your score will be determined by how well you perform in each of the events. For example if you finish in first place in the drag racing portion and in third place in the autocross portion you will have a total of 4 points (2 points will be the best possible score).

The competitor with the least amount of points at the end of the day will win the event. Last year there was a controversy over a tie, and a new system is being considered. The Challenge is open to all Honda and Acura street type vehicles. The Auto-X rules DO NOT apply to the Super Challenge event. The Super Challenge is every man for himself, car vs. car, there is no point scaling system for modifications, and the entire field competes directly against each other. The only equipment rule is no switching of tires between Drag events and Auto-X, and of course cars must conform to safety rules.

**Participating in both activities may prevent you from running in the drag racing eliminations**

Car Show:
Best of Show Honda Best of Show Acura Best JDM

There will be 1st 2nd and 3rd Place Awards for the following Classes:

Honda Civic 95 and older Honda Civic 96 and newer

Acura Integra Acura RSX

Honda Accord Honda Prelude

Honda S2000 Acura Other

Honda Other

For more information about this great event, please visit http://www.racewaypark.com or call 732-446-7800.

For Sponsor or Vendor Registration information please call Raceway Park and contact
Javier Ortega ([email protected]) or
Richard San Andres ([email protected])
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im totally down for going! Im going to see if I can skip out early from work...
Hey Mike let me know when you want to roll down there.

I don't see a catagory for nsx so you'll have to enter your car in the "other" catagory under honda since you have H badges. :wink: