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Anyone have a 95 or 96 window sticker?

30 January 2005
Sarasota, FL
I'm going to put my car in its first car show in a few weeks and I would love to have a window sticker to display. If anyone has a high resolution scan of theirs they could share, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks to Prime member WillErickson, who sent me a fine scan of his 1995 NSX window sticker. I changed the body/interior colors, zeroed out the VIN, and am now prepared to pass it off as a facsimile of my own. :)


Full sized version

Does anyone know the dimensions of the original sticker?
On the same note, has anyone a window sticker for a 92', possibly GPW.
I'd love to have one, even though it's not an original.
As before, i'll delete the VIN and insert mine if possible.
I just went to Office Depot and had them pull up a copy of this window sticker and print it on a larger paper size and it came out Awesome!
Thanks for posting it. Before I had nothing and now at least I have one from a 95'. I blacked out the colours, targa, VIN, 95', beverage holder and the p/s side airbag. The price is only $3,000 more so I left that alone. I have 16/17 in wheels so that goes nicely.
If someone could scan a sticker from a 92' it would be greatly appreciated.
Just the same, thanks again.

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