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Anyone in Memphis Tenn?

Contact Barney Demonbruen aka, BARNMAN on NSXPrime.

His location is Ashland,

I would offer to look at it for you if I still lived in TN, but I rarely get back there anymore. There are a couple other Primers not too terribly far from Memphis. Hopefully they'll chime in. FWIW, the NSX you are looking at belongs to a guy named Tony Preister, username NSX Twin Turbo here. I am not sure if he posts anymore.

Barn Man (Barney D.) is the perfect guy to have inspect an NSX, but keep in mind that he is in Ashland/Nashville and your seller is in Cordova/Memphis. This is at least a 3 hour trip each way. A better bet might be a PPI at Acura of Memphis. I've also heard good things about Dave's Honda Haven (who I believe is a former NSXer) and Brian Massey Imports. I have no personal experience with either of the latter 2.