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Anyone in the area with KWv3?

20 January 2004
I'm trying to get a test ride in an NSX with this suspension setup. I'll happily drive to wherever your NSX is to get a feel for the suspension. Ideally I'd get to feel the car over a variety of road surfaces which I will then benchmark against my current Eibach/Bilstein setup. If you've got an NSX with KWv3, please let me know.

He's at the NC meet this weekend I think. I'll hit him up though; thanks.
Thanks for letting me look over your car Ram. I am probably going to pull the trigger on KWv3 over the next few weeks but if you get your car running and able to make it to Fair Lakes C&C before then I'd still wanna go for a ride!
Sure. Seems like clutch slave is out and plan to replace it soon(today is plan) if I get lucky with parts.
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Good luck with the repair, Ram. I should be receiving my KWv3 this Thursday; next step is to get the iLIFT ordered.
I purchased from an individual who posted in the SoCal NSX FB page. I contacted him on a whim and asked for pricing before looking up his shop/vendor status (he is not registered on Prime but a member here vouched for him). His pricing is marginally better than the standard $2400 everyone is offering, even after shipping from CA. I should be receiving the suspension on Thursday according to FedEx, but will install later this month along with an iLIFT kit.

There will definitely be a feedback/initial impressions thread =)
I think Syndicate is riding on a different type of suspension now, but he used to have.