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Anyone know a good Body shop in the GTA??

19 November 2007
Hey all,

Im just about ready to bring the 'X out of hibernation. (VERY excited)
Ive spent the better part of this winter sourcing and buying up the parts for my build this spring.
Ive got a new front bumper and side skirts and rear valance that need to be paint matched and installed as well as my passenger side fender needs to be repaired (after some jack-a$$ kicked it).
I dont want to bring my car to just any body shop however, Im not interested in paying what those "exotic car" places charge. I realize you pay for what you get, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to bring the car. As well, can anyone shoot off an educated guess as to what this would (or should ) cost?

Thanks very much,
wow... you are going to paint your bumper, sideskirt, rear valance, sounds like an $$$ job!
for a bodyshop to do this right, they will have to blend the colors of your hood, fender to match it with the bumper, and do the same to the doors to match the sideskirt, and rear bumper to match the valance!

my car is currently at a bodyshop doing a whole car repaint! its at bayview and greenlane, let me know if you need more info!
Ive heard that 427 collision (or something like that) is outstanding. That is where a bunch of the Fcar blow drying types bring their cars. I would visit them and see if it is to your liking.
autopia autobody, BMW forums in GTA swears by this shop.

contact dave Kim@416-893-3174, deal with him directly.