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Anyone know anything about this car? JH4NA1154MT000881

15 October 2012
First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anthony and I'm from new port richey, FL. I have been dreaming of owning one since the first day I saw one in person. I have finally decided to start my search. I really love a wide body one and if I could find one in Great condition, I would love to own it.

vin# JH4NA1154MT000881


this is a blue wide body one I saw on ebay. From the pictures, it look amazing. Of course pictures could be deceiving. Anyone have personal experience with this car? I saw that it has been in an accident, which i don't mind as long as it was repaired correctly.
Please give me the whole in an out on this car if any one has seen it in person.
Thank you in advance.
Re: Anyone know anything about this car?

i meant personal experience. like saw this car in person. I want to know if this car is as good as the pictures presented.

and that link was in 2010...
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Thanks to the pm from a few members here that recently saw it in person. From what I was told, the ad is very misleading. Pictures are also very misleading. That is all I will post.
I will no longer pursue this car. Thank you.