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Anyone know where I can mount damper canisters?

8 March 2006
Tomorrow I am having my KW competitions installed and I was wondering if anyone had any idea on where to mount the canisters? Especially fronts? I know the rears can go on the strut tower brace perhaps but anyone know of a good place to mount the fronts?
Woops. Meant to post in the track section.
Billy, you are around! awesome. Yeah pretty short, same as your race car. This sucks because I have to subject them to a lot of movement now and I have to pull the wheel to adjust. But I will do that. I followed all your other suggestions, but while I have you can I ask you a few more questions.

I have 1000 pound front 600 rears. I am going to get the Dali track bars per your suggestion. I am using stock 02 wheels and tires. Dunlop star specs in stock sizes. Street driven, part time track car. Putting cannister pressures at 150 PSI.

Here is what I saved from an email you sent me:

Rebound: Turn CLOCKWISE (stiff) and once you're at full stiff.
Turn the front shock back 360* (one turn)
Turn the rear shocks back 1.5 turns from full stiff).

(then try 0.5 turns front (180*) and 1 turn rear when at track and you're comfortable in the car/its handling with the above settings)

Compression: turn CLOCKWISE (stiff) and once youre at full stiff:

Front Highspeed: set in the middle (i think 6 turns out of 12 from full stiff)
Front Lowspeed: set 3 turns from full stiff.

Rear Highspeed: set in the middle (6 turns FROM FULL STIFF)
Rear Lowspeed: set 4 turns from full stiff.

Going to go with that and these alignment settings:

Front toe: 2mm toe OUT
Rear toe: 3mm toe IN

Front Camber: -1.5 to -1.7* (maxed out)
Rear Camber: -2.5 to -2.7*

Is dropping the car 1.5" OK?

All this look good? it is all going in tomorrow.