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Anyone knows the member Hippiehater?

20 September 2005
Lisbon, Portugal

regarding this thread where he sells many NSX parts, i bought from him the NTK O2 sensors and the Honda NGK PFR6G-11 sparks.

I paypalled him on May 11, with his total asking price:

$120 for NTK O2 sensors
$60 for the NGK Sparks
$50 for shipping (a bit high, though)

Total = $230

I always like to give some time and don't rush sellers, because i know sometimes things just takes time to get done, but i tried to contact (PM through Prime and direct email) him twice since then and no answer.

I write this solely because of the lack of feedback, not for haven't receive the parts... and i know he has logged here since then.

So... anyone can vouch for Chris?


While the post above was waiting for approval, the seller sent a reply on May 25 with:

Sorry, I understand your concerns. I was away on business til earlier in the week. Must people have emailed me concerning there items but I had poor service were I was and could not answer everyone. I have done many transactions here on prime and have always had a good experience buying and selling so I hope to keep that the same.


i replied and i waited until now with no news.

With all this, today i filed a complain through Paypal asking for either:
- to ship the parts
- to refund the money

or i will wait for Paypal resolution if the 2 options above fail.

I just deleted his cell phone number about a week ago!!!....I met him about 2 - 3 months ago. He seemed like a nice guy and very knowledgable...I know Arista5 was going back and forth with him on a few things. I'll see if I can come up something.

finally i received the parts and i'll close the PP dispute right away.