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Anyone running this shift nob?

11 August 2011
Arlington, VA


My wife is fascinated by it for some reason...
this is a joke right?
Appears to be an actual product, although my post was done with humor in mind (which is why i put it in off topic).

Here's the item description:

This is a new 4" custom Delrin shift knob for any Acura NSX or Integra with a manual transmission and M10x1.5 threaded shift rod. This rounded/ribbed design was put together for the ultimate grip and comfort. The round sections are 1.5" in diameter. The 4" length allows you to grip it with your entire hand. The bottom of the knob is just large enough to keep the shift boot nestled away from your hand.

The shift knobs have a generous counterbore on the bottom and drilled/tapped (M10x1.5) hole which extends as deep as possible to give you the lowest possible installed height with this knob. These are not cheap universal knobs that rattle. They are a direct fit/replacement for the boring stock shift knob. They are made from the highest quality material and are CNC machined to fit perfectly in your car. They screw directly onto the stock shift rod and tighten securely. This material is a popular choice in racing applications due to their superior strength/weight ratio and ability to dissipate heat. If you are in a warm climate, this is a great choice for you.

The Delrin/polymer knobs are lightly glass bead blasted resulting in a nice satin matte finish that has a great grip and really looks sharp in the interior. You have your choice of one of the colors shown below. You have your choice of either a black Delrin, white Delrin, yellow acrylic polymer, or red acrylic polymer.

The shift knobs are designed, manufactured, and distributed right here in the U.S.A. by a fellow car enthusiast (me). A perfect gift for that car owner in your life! If you don't like this particular design, stay tuned, additional designs will follow.

*** Please add 6% sales tax if you are buying in CT. ***

Please specify if you want a color other than black. Send us a note on here or in Paypal. If nothing is specified, then the default shipment will be black Delrin.

Also available in white, yellow, and red.
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