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Anyone used A to Z auto shippers to move a NSX?

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
I have been calling all over the damn place, but can't seem to find anyone. A-To-Z can do it enclosed, but they don't have a lift gate, however, it would be the last car on the truck and first one off. The trucker says he does ferrari all day long and not to worry about clearance on the ramp.

Any thoughts?

I have tried:
Horseless Carriage
Passport (fedex)

Nobody can get the car any time soon. A to Z can get it Sunday or Monday.

I do not know these guys but be damn careful. When they pick it up, and when it arrives at it's destination are two different things. I recently had a friend ship from NY to AZ. They picked the car up immediately AND IT SAT IN A WRECKING YARD UPCOVERED AND DIRTY FOR FIVE WEEKS. Took a hugh fight to actually get the car delivered, an it's interior (tan) was covered with greasy fingerprints, and a broken front spoiler.

I am NOT talking about A to Z, just an unknown carrier, so make sure you have a solid reference, and a garaunteed delivery with penalties for being late if possible. I do not know the business that well, and if they even offer this, but this was a pristine car when they picked it up and it cost my friend $1000 out of pocket to fix it back up with little recourse, not to mention the $800 in rental fees for a rental car, since he did not have one when he arrived in AZ. It was a 2000 Accord. You know what the $1000 would get you if it was an NSX, not much.

Thanks Larry.

They said I would have it in 2 days, but I just dont have a great feeling about a company that doesn't put the time in to at least make a nice website.

I am getting VERY frustrated with these companies. I think they all suck! :mad:

It sounds like you are unable to do it yourself. I found the same problems that you did. And you possibly have a time limit.

I was lucky enough to get a great rate on a 26 foot Budget truck for just over $300 for DFW-ORD (Dallas-Chicago)

Faced with difficulties and lack of trust in these operators, (my guess was the price would be double, first the expense to ship, then the expense to repair their damage) so I took matters into my own hands. My car is extremly low too, as I have lowered it 3.3 inches lower than stock. I would have had to raise it to get it in their truck, then lower it back down, then align it, So I figured I'd rather not mess w/ it. I also used loading docks to get the car in and out of the truck, (it was no problem finding businesses willing to help in industrial areas).

I posted the details, w/ pictures if you have any interest.


Hope it helps, And good luck.

I used United Road/Pilot. From Atlanta to Michigan. $600 on an open car Carrier. I was concerned about how low my car was but it arrived in a couple of days with no problem. With no extra miles on the clock!

I've heard some interesting stories. be careful who you choose.
I decided to use TNT - which did a fantastic job.

A to Z just didn't give me a good feeling. I personally do not like any company that does not invest some time and money into a least a nice website. If you are a company of 1 person, you can at least have a nice site and look very professional.

A to Z is probably a really great company. I just decided to go another way.
Since moving to New Mexico from NYC, I have had no fewer than 4 cars shipped with 20 months. Cars like my wife's Saab Aero (since sold) and my '91 NSX (also sold) came via DAS- Dependable Auto Shippers.

I purchased a '98 NSX and had it shipped from Oregon via DAS again. Long wait, but arrived in good shape.

Here's the trick: shipper/transporters will promise you that the car will be picked up within a few days. Sounds good so far, right? Problem: Until the truck that will eventually (and I do mean eventually) transport your car is laoded, it will sit in the elements in a holding area for weeks. My two NYC cars sat for 5 weeks before arriving here.

Even my NSX, which I paid to have shipped in a special container vehicle, arrived 5 weeks later. Glad to say, neither car arrived with any issues.

I recently purchased another Saab for my wife. We used a company out of Arkansas called Allied. They promised a 7+ day delivery. Well, 5 weeks later, the car arrived with serious electronic problems costing over $1,000. The electric doors would not open and the alaram was shot. They claimed the car was picked up that way from the dealer. No way! So avoid Alled at all cost.

When the Saab arrived, the driver side window was kept open so the trucker could get in and out of the car. Boy did I learn a lesson.

I know DAS is slow, but at least your car arrives in one piece. The reason it often takes so long (especialy for specialized cars) is because the trucker must fill his vehicle to clear a profit.

I guess, better late than damaged. DAS is my pick. Just be patient-- very patient.

Larry T
I had heard some horror stories about DAS, so I did not go with them.

With TNT, It did take about 10 days to get the car picked up, but I had it in 2 days and it was PERFECT. I highly recommend them. Mary Anno is the contact for exotic cars there. She is very polite and responsive and sounds like Kitty from That 70's show. :biggrin: