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Anyone using Rota Slipstreams?

hm.. you know i totally forgot about Rota's... *cough* too bad they dont make the Volk replica GRID wheels in 17x8.5 and 18.10.5 cough cough =)
it'd be nice to have fake White Volk's for those 'show car' parked in the parking lot days :biggrin:
dude i had those on my eg..... i didnt know they were knock offs.....
Wrong sizes, completely wrong offsets. I've seen Slipstreams on a S2000 (don't know why the guy did it) but you can obviously tell that the wheel sizes and offsets were not designed for it. Therefore, if you even used that same wheel setup with 25mm spacers, technically you could make it work but it would be the worst looking setup on a NSX, not to mention that your rear wheels would only be 7" wide and can only hold a tire no wider than 225 width for the rear.
Yea those wheels were designed for front wheel drive cars.
The slipstream is a fake of the Spoon SW388

they are available in the OEM sizes F: 15 x 6.5 / R: 16 x 8 and F: 16 x 7 / R: 17 x 8.5

the offsets are indeed different from OEM, but there don't seem to be ANY wheels with original offsets. So I'm curious what offsets you guys are using?
Well, the 16 x 7 and 17 x 7.5 combo is available in a lug/btr bore that would fit. I have confirmed this. That rear width would be an inch narrower than 94-01, but I suppose the early model widths of 205 & 225 would still fit the rim.

I was looking for a norrow combo, so I might actually try this. Sure are cheap and light.
So you are going to put a cheap knockoff wheels which are smaller than stock wheels onto a car that used to cost $90k. That's sad.
Personally, I think putting 19" wheels and 275 width tires that have a combined weight of 2 or 3 times OEM defines sad. But to each, their own...

What's wrong with "smaller than stock"? Like I said, the original tire widths will still fit these wheels. I have considered going even below those widths. The car's limit is just too high to enjoy on the street...

Cheap way to lose 20lb of unsprung, rotating mass. I don't have any of your 'big pimpin' concerns.

u00mem91 said:
Cheap way to lose 20lb of unsprung, rotating mass.
Is it really 20 lbs? Compared to what? According to the FAQ, the stock 91-93 wheels are 15.20 F and 18.86 R, while stock 94-01 7-spokes are 16.75 F and 20.85 R. All the wheels that ever came on an NSX are forged, the Rotas are cast. This means can’t be as strong as the stock wheels, especially since there must be quite a bit less material there to shave the weight you mention.

I’ not sure how much weaker it is or even how much of a concern a weaker wheel would even be. My guess is while it may not be much of an issue for the average Civic owner, I would want these wheels on my NSX.
I'm still trying to get a straight answer on the weights. I've been quoted everything from 11lb - 15lb per wheel. I figure another lb for each tire if I choose narrow & carefully (195/215 & varies by brand, etc.)

No question they would not be as strong as stock. In fact, no lightweight wheel would be as strong as OEM. These would be really questionable since true Spoons, Volks, etc are also forged, and these are cast.

we'll see...