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Anyone want my Stacy's Skirts for a good price? (Hawaii locals only)

10 December 2000
If any local NSX owners want to take these Stacy's skirts off my hands let me now. Fitment IMHO is crap. I give it a 6 out of 10. I bought these used but already slightly modified for fitment and painted Berlina Black. I thought it would be an easy install since it was already painted and I heard so much about the good fitment. Well, for me I don't want to bother with it as it just doesn't fit to my standards. I know any body shop could make them fit and do the needed tweaks and adjustments, but I am a DIYer and I made my Wings West kit fit fairly well so I'm not the one to pay the body shop to install these skirts. I'm probably going to go 02+ OEM skirts instead.

Obviously these skirts will need to be repaintd as that is another thing the paint sucks and is peeling and cracking already. It will also need further modifications to fit perfect. I'm just frustrated with these skirts already.I'll load up pics later. $600 or open to trade for other NSX goodies.

Some pictures. As I mentioned below the paint sucks so I'm not going to post detailed pictures on the paint. Just know it needs a repaint. I tired to show some of the chips in the fiberglass. Fortunately fiberglass is easy to fix with more fiberglass, so its an easy repair especially since it needs to be repainted anyway.

Stacy's Skirts

Chips in fiberglass


Bondo previous owner used to try and make it contour to the fender curve better.

Mocked up on car. You can see its not a total fail. It can be tweaked to fit right, just not a job for me. I bought 02+ OEM skirts already.

$500 last offer. If nobody wants these I'm going to keep them, hack them up, modify it and make it awesome. Now that I have the OEM 02+ sidekirts I know exactly how to modify these to make them near OEM perfect. It's much easier when you have a perfect reference to refer to.