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ANYTIME RACING exhaust sound/video clips!!!

19 February 2001
Southern California

Just posted some crude sound/video clips on the website. The exhaust is still being tested and will be available early next year. The current design is running at the maximum sound level of 90db(per Laguna Seca specs) and has excellent around town and freeway manners, until you get into the throttle heavily. If demand permits, sound levels can be increased slightly, and would still be civilized when you are easy on the gas. If this occurs, then there will be 2 sound levels available(which I want to provide anyway). The exhaust at this time is in stainless, and is a catback version. Titanium will follow, and also track versions running without cats are in the works. Check the site for more updates.

John Richards http://anytimeracing.com/
I've been following this project with great interest. It’s really refreshing to see an “open” development project like this where we can talk directly with the you, the guy designing the project, and have some impact on the final design. Bravo!

I am currently running the Taitec exhaust, which I must admit I bought primarily for the sound. When I heard the anytime prototype in person, I have to say that I was extremely impressed! Like the Taitec, it’s very quiet at idle or low rpm’s, but once you open it up, all he** breaks loose!
The anytime exhaust however, has a bit more of a low rumble to it in this state, making the NSX sound like a bigger motor than it is. It also has a more rewarding “gurgle” sound (for lack of a better term) at higher RPM’s. (IOW, it's less "ricey") Based on the initial flow bench numbers, it sounds like the dyno tests should show some pretty impressive numbers.
Those clips really don't do it justice...this thing really sings when you lay on the juice.

Can't wait to hear the difference in a few weeks with the headers and supercharger installed....Stay Tuned!
Hey John,

I just realized that it's been exactly 2 years since your initial post. Just wondering what is the progress of the Titanium version?

Do you have an idea of the cost, weight and sound characteristics of this version?

I've gone full circle with exhaust systems and I'm back to OEM at this point. I want ....
good over all power gain (+12hp),
no low end lose (check out dyno charts of some exhausts),
light weight (TRC 12lbs),
aggressive WOT tone (GruppeM),
no cabin droning (Tubi, Anytime),
nice angle cut quad tips (Tubi)
and lastly, easy on the wallet (under $2,000 for a Ti version would be really nice)

Can it be done? Borla should really listen to the sound of the GruppeM. It sounds agressive and strong, but not like the engine is stressing out, like some other exhausts I have heard.