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APRIL 19TH Saturday Meet and DRIVE!

24 March 2007
Hello everyone!!!!

A few of us from the Sring Fling have decided to get together again.

Saturday April 19th meet at Quaker steak and lube on milford parkway at 530pm!

Have dinner on the patio then head out for a drive.. The drive is on the east side of cincy and the route has gotten GREAT reviews, Hope to see alot of you there (atleast more than the 4 that showed up last year in april).

All vehicles are welcome to come I will be posting this on s2ki,midwestscc.com also.

If you need some directions just email me. [email protected]
I am off for the Louisville event this weekend then I must work the next two weekends.:frown:

I plan on getting up there this summer for some meets. Middle of the week works great for me. Source, I will update you on when I can come up there.


I will try to make it. I have the weekend off and will have just completed my first track day in the NSX on the 18th.
I'm going to show up for what I can. I was kind of expecting it to be earlier in the day. I may have a birthday party I have to go to that night, so I'm not sure how it's all going to work out. I'll be there for what I can though.