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ARC Titanium exhaust

It is the lightest exhaust for the NSX, about 15lbs. It sound absolutely amazing. I have heard it in person before. There is a person who was selling a brand new one for very reasonable price. If you are interested, send me an e-mail.

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ARC exhaust is definitely the best you can get, but they're also very expensive. The deep throaty sound alone can make you orgasm.
How about the ZEES exhaust, anyone heard on of those before? I like the dual tip on the ZEES, but from what everyone is saying the ARC has the nicest sound.
anybody know where to find out more about the ARC exhaust? i've never heared of it. any pics. or sound clips out there?

Originally posted by Edmo7:

Does anyone have any info regarding the ARC titanium exhaust for the NSX? Good/Bad. Thanks!


see my previous post - they are actually $3200.00 and I'll have 3 of them in stock later this month

need more info? private me @

[email protected]

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any one know the price of the ZEES and how does it sound? this exhaust looks soooo nice.